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SINGAPORE, Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) Bus Day 1, Geylang,
7-9 April 2013

Traveling By Bus

Hop On Hop Off bus booked for 2 days, this was day 1 and covered Suntec City, Bugis, St Andrews, Cathedral, Cricket ground and all major sights sincce we did a whole trip around

Singapore 7-9 Apr 2013, Hop on Hop Off (HOHO) bus for 2 days, this was day 1 and covered MRT to Suntec City to pick up the bus, then amongst others Geylang, family, eating out, trying durian, Clarke Quay, Singapore River there are 5 waterways in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, The Singapore Flyer, The singaore Formula 1 grand prix track, all the wonderful architecture, rain, covering amongst others 175 selective slideshow images, shop houses, river boat cruises, the Merlion, colonial hotels and much much more, see the images PS this page was missed by Yell in migration

Visiting family in Geylang and being tourists on the Hop On Hop Off bus ,Singapore 7-9 Apr 2013, Geylang area & HOHO bus, family fun, Geylang, arriving 2 hours early from Perth, catching taxi to family, east avenue, foo hai chan monastery, the protector dharma, dharma = truth or reality, MRT = mass rapid transport system, sri shriven temple, MRT stations, aljunied, paya lebar, dhoby ghaut, markets, suntec city, cross street, raffles place, raffles, club street, old hill police station, yachts, merlion, marina bay sands, Clarke quay, fort canning, shop houses, old colonial buildings, F1 grand prix, art and science, Singapore flyer, gardens by the bay (GBTB)


local info, very useful we found #humour #hintsandtips

Kopi-C-kosong = Coffee with evaporated milk but no sugar. The “kosong” means “nothing” in Malay. 6) Kopi-O = Coffee with sugar only which is “black coffee” in layman's term. 7) Kopi-O-kosong = Coffee without sugar or milk, note the "C" stands for carnation milk

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7 apr 13
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9 apr 13

Sunday April 7th 2013

Summary, fly to Singapore depart Perth 11.55 a.m. Arrive Singapore 17.25 a.m. Note that got changed read on!

We rang for a taxi from the Wattle Grove Motel, 6.9 kilometers from Perth airport in Western Australia, at 7.30 a.m. and it arrived quickly. We got to the airport in 20 minutes and found that the flight time had been changed to 9.55 a.m. i.e., 2 hours earlier with no notification that we had received from Quantas nor or tour operator. It turned out later when I contacted our tour operator they had sent an email which we never received as travelling for so long. Not even in our spam folder.

We thought we had 3 hours to kill at the airport when in fact we were boarding in less than ½ an hour. Really good job we went to the airport early as we were up already. Not pleased but so happy we did arrive early as we would have missed the flight all together.

The flight took 5 ½ hours to Singapore. Rang Doug as clearly, he was not there to meet us as he had our original time of arrival. So, we got a taxi to their flat instead. They were stood outside to meet us when the taxi arrived and guide us to the lift with our luggage. It was so nice to see them again after the Wedding looking so happy and relaxed.

They took us out to dinner to a local Geylang seafood restaurant and then gave us a brief guided tour of their area around the apartment block. It was very hot and humid. The dinner was very nice with the local Singaporean delicacy, black pepper crab and lots of other dishes. Quite a feast. Doug pointed out their local swimming pool complex, the local library, shops, hawker food centre and then we all walked back to their flat past a Hindu Mosque, a Buddhist Temple, both of which were very interesting and ornate. The Buddhist temple had a monastery attached. Tired as it had been a long day and even though the time zones are the same we were tired from the travel and Doug & Phoenix had work the next day. They gave us the keys to the flat so we could come and go as we pleased in the day.

Monday April 8th 2013

Summary, Geylang, very hot and humid

Spent the morning doing washing and communication with everyone on the internet to say we had safely arrived with D&P in Singapore. We were both dripping with sweat the whole time as our bodies not used to the humidity as yet, maybe they never will be. It is tropical heat as Singapore is on the equator.

We visited D&P’s local swimming pool at 2.20 p.m. Found out it closes on Monday morning for cleaning but reopened at 2.30 p.m. so not long to wait. Now this is lovely, we got OAP tickets 50 cents each for the whole day or 25 pence English, amazing they kindly treat anyone who is over 55 as a pensioner in Singapore.

We had a refreshing swim initially and the pool was empty until a class of school kids arrived for a lesson. Then there were storm clouds and thunder, so everyone had to get out of the pool. No risks are taken in Singapore especially if there is a risk of lightening.

We sat undercover and read our books. We chatted to a friendly local lifeguard who gave us free bottles of chilled water which was most refreshing. We then had a late lunch in the Thai restaurant nearby the pool. We chatted to a man from California who was a tourist. We then returned to the flat and waited for D&P to return from work.

They took us to Geylang East Central, we walked and to a restaurant that did barbeque food at each table.  It was a Chinese restaurant, and we had a whole leg of lamb with a spiced outer crust that had been marinated and mostly cooked out the back, along with other dishes they bought to the table. Once at the table we continued to cook it on the table BBQ / firepit, never seen anything like it as good or since as it was charcoal in a pit on the table. Keef still rates this as the best lamb meal he has ever had, praise indeed.

The whole meal was so nice, we both really enjoyed it.

Everyone seems to eat out in Singapore at restaurants and cafes, the city that eats 24 by 7 as the locals say. The streets are all very busy and hectic, thronged with people as we walked back to the flat at 10.30 p.m. We walked past lots of interesting fruit stall and saw some strange vegetables we had never encountered before. It’s what I love about going to different places one should always immerse oneself in the cultures and customs, it’s what is just so interesting.

Tuesday April 9th 2013

Summary, Geylang and then the Hop on Hop Off (HO-HO) Bus Day 1 from Suntec City.

We got into central Singapore by the MRT, Mass Raid Transport system, from Aljunied station which was a short walk from Doug & Phoenix’s flat. The NRT is clean and modern, you are not allowed to eat or drink on the trains or the station platforms and be fined if caught.

We booked tickets at 12.05 p.m. for the 48-hour HO-HO tourist bus. The cost was $39 per person and included a river cruise and coach to Sentosa Island. We got on the heritage tour bus which took about an hour around to get our bearings. It went through the older areas of central Singapore and we had ear phones for the commentary, available in a variety of languages, not surprisingly we chose English, tee-hee.  

Then we got on a different hop on, hop off bus which did the city tour including the Central Business District (CBD to all Kiwi’s and Aussies). It went through the shopping districts, Orchard Road, all designer shops, clothing etc. and around the marina, we saw Marina Bay Sands hotel (MBS) which Singapore is famous for, the infinity pool on the top is quite a landmark and a feat of design and engineering, curved and sleek.

There were floating football pitches, Clarke Quay, the Merlion and lots of both colonial and unusual architect designed buildings, all in all a real feast for the eyes and senses.

We had lunch at a café on Olive Grove, Suntec City shopping mall, panini with tuna mayo, cake and a drink costing $8 each. We then got soaked on the bus tour after lunch as there was a tropical storm with thunder and lightning, about the same time as yesterdays at the pool, maybe this will become a recurring theme. We were on top of the open topped bus which had a small, covered section at the back, all customers tried to huddle in there to keep dry, but it just wasn’t a large enough covering for all. Still the downpour certainly cooled the humidity levels.

We had coffee (kopi-c-kosong) in the café next to the tour start and tried to dry off. We then did the included river cruise at Clarke Quay, quite touristy but interesting for the shop houses along the Singapore Riverbank and the old ferries we were carried on. It took us right up as far as MBD , the Art and Science Museum and the Merlion water fountain. We ate in the food hall in Suntec city mall in the evening and got back on the MRT after all the commuters had returned from work., although it was still busy in the evening.

Doug goes to the gym every Tuesday evening.   

Audio Diary
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