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Keef & Anne's 3rd holiday of a lifetime

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We were in Malaysia twice during our 3 months away. Initially for Doug & Phoenix's wedding  on the lovely island of Langkawi and then again when we visited them at their home in Singapore where we slipped back over the border via Woodlands crossing into Johor (JB) before driving up to the UNesco World Heritage site @ Malacca (Melaka in Malay).


Our 1st stay in Malaysia was initially centred around Kuala Lumpar (KL) using the Hop On Hop Off bus (HOHO) to look at various things then onto Langkawi then for 3 days at the end in Georgetown Penang another UNesco World Heritage site.


Annie kept a diary and you can read that here on the website day by day as well as see the pictures we took as memories on each day.


If you prefer to speed that viewing up you can view the slideshow for this country.



Doug & Phoenix's wedding

Blue Mansion Georgetown

Evening tour of Malacca

Food @ Concorde Inn KL

Mr Li's tea house Melaka

Monkeys on Bunting Island & Basah Bahai



Bumps on island boat hop Langkawi

Rats in roads & smells on Melaka River


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