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AUSTRALIA, New South Wales,
9-11Mar 2013, Sydney Area

Around Sydney area, Budderoo NP, Kangaroo Valley then on to Cromer

Australia, Sydney area 9-11 mar 2013 Around Sydney with Family then on to Cromer, stayed at place with a pool and the fab poopie the dog, a labrador, v friendly but hadn't learnt yet how to clean up after himself 😉 This page covering amongst others 110 selective slideshow images, homemade Bondi Banana bread, the rocks, masks, sydney centre, darling harbour, rose bay, double bay, ferries, jet cats, spray can artist and the picture we bought, kangaroo valley, sea cliff bridge, holden hire car, bondi junction, bondi bay, beach, sunsets, bald hill, oxford lookout, military road reserve, street musicians, friends, family, our spray can art work bought, cromer cottage hire, Minnimurra falls which now I have read Annie's Mum's diary from 1970 they visited as a family on a long Labour Day weekend camping at Kiama, the Minnimurra rainforest centre, southern highlands, camp cove, woolongong, lyre birds, Eastern water dragon, Kiama, princes highway, deer at night - very scary but great driving by David, Flat white coffee and Hyde Park, aussie humour, opera house, lyne park rose bay, bay street double bay, coal cliff, grand pacific drive, Dharawal National Park, fishing, budderoo national park, cromer, goldie (poopie) the labrador, 155 willandra rd stay, private pool. We were previously in this area in 1995, 2007 and then again in 2017. Look for the links to those sites at the bottom of this page, thanks

camp cove comrades, sydney, australia, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
panorama sea cliff bridge from oxford lookout, New South Wales, Australia, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
9 mar 13
10 mar 13
11 mar 13

Saturday March 9th 2013

Summary, Sydney

Saw Hannah and David’s wedding photos, and we showed them Doug and Phoenix’s wedding ones in return.

Had a lovely breakfast of homemade banana bread made by David and smoothies and coffee made by Hannah. Since one of Keef’s brekkie staples is Bondi banana bread whenever he needs use up over ripe bananas, the blacker the better for flavour.

David drove us all to Watson’s Bay and then we parked up and caught the ferry to Circular Quay. We then walked to the Rocks area for the market, lots of craft and food stalls, lovely atmosphere with musicians playing. Keef & Annie bought a spray can painted picture of Australia for $40 (£26.19 at the time). We then watched the artist do another painting which he did in 5 minutes, just so talented.

spray can art 2013 framed, bought in Darwin, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog

We then caught the ferry back from Circular Quay to Watson’s Bay for a splendid lunch at Doyle’s seafood restaurant on the beach, Doyle’s had been operating for 128 years. Laura L joined us for lunch, what fun times. Annie had barramundi and chips , with stuffed jumbo prawns as the starter and a lovely Aussie white wine to wash it all down with, tee hee. Lunch started at 2.45 and finished at 5 p.m. most leisurely, thing they eventually had to throw us out. The restaurant was very busy. K&A treated H, D & L to lunch, it was our treat and especially as H&D were putting us up.

We then walked to Camp Cove beach nearby, we said goodbye to Laura as she was meeting her boyfriend at the time Steve. The four of us continued walking along the beach back to the car. There are some lovely old character cottages in this area.

We then returned to Hannah & David’s flat to collect Riley to take him with us to Bondi beach. Sadly we were all locked out of the flat as no one had taken the keys with them, oops! David went next door and hopped over the fence. We collected Riley and then went to Bondi for a walk on the beach just as the sun was setting, magical. We took lots of photos. Riley loved the beach. We then had a lovely Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cone. We got back late, and all went to bed at 10.30 p.m. as needed to get up early the next morning.

Sunday March 10th 2013

Summary, Sydney, and surrounds

Up at 7 a.m. Hannah baked fig muffins to take with us, lovely smell of cooking. We were going in the car with Riley for a day out. Riley sat on Hannah’s lap on a cushion and stuck his head out of the window of the car as we were going along, hilarious but cute also. Annie so loved his fluffy ears. Tick.

We drove through the Sydney suburbs which stretched for miles and headed south towards Wollongong. Went through a national park, Dharawal, nice scenery, then stopped at a viewpoint for the Seacliff bridge at Bald Hill. The sea was very blue, you could see along the coast and the curve of the earth, something you can never really do in the UK.

We then drove over the bridge, parked up and walked back along the bridge walkway with Riley. Further long we stopped at a shop in town for coffee and had some of Hannah’s fabulous muffins.

We then drove through the lovely scenery to Minnimurra Rainforest center in Budderoo National Park. Riley was not allowed to leave the car, so David stayed with him to look after him whilst the rest of us walked to the Minnimurra falls along a rainforest board walk. Luckily for Annie saw no snakes but we did see an Eastern Water dragon and a lyre bird. Interestingly the NSW written guides on the dragon don’t list Budderoo as one of the places to find the dragon, well we did.

It was quite an arduous walk, very hot, humid and a steep path up to the gorge. Once we arrived the falls were lovely and so glad, we made the effort. We took lots of photos and then returned to the car and drove through Kangaroo Valley stopping at a viewpoint. It was a very scenic route.

We stopped at Kiama (the blowhole place) for a Thai meal. We used the princes highway back to Sydney and Vaucluse, in the dark a deer ran out in front of the car on the dual carriageway but David’s lightening reactions saved the day. We got back at about 10.30 p.m. lovely day, very tired.

Monday March 11th 2013

Summary, Sydney 24 degrees centigrade, 67 percent humidity.

We were up at 6 a.m. David and Hannah back at work. They gave us a lift into Sydney centre. 8.15 a.m. they dropped us off at the car hire place.  As our hire vehicle was not ready until 11 a.m. we went and had a coffee and sat in Hyde Park opposite watching the commuters going to work and thinking how nice to be retired, we are truly privileged.

Our hire car was a white Holden 4 door. We could fit in all our luggage. We used our Sat Nav take the tunnel under the harbour over to the north shore. We arrived at 12 noon at the holiday rental home in Cromer, a new suburb at least to Annie, a former Sydneysider, near Dee Why. Petrol costs $1.46 a litre in Sydney, not bad.

There was no one in the holiday cottage. There was a golden Labrador in the back garden (we later named him poopie for obvious reasons). Decided after talking to a neighbour to enter the garden by the side gate and enter our chalet at the back of the garden. The dog was ok, just very inquisitive. We unpacked our bags; it was a lovely accommodation and a beautiful, secured pool in that back garden of the owner’s house. They were a couple from Liverpool with 1 son.  

We then went shopping, it was extremely humid and hot today, after shopping it was a relief to get into the pool.

The owners returned from work and had a chat. Their dog was called Goldie. He was a very large and overly friendly Labrador. Anne did washing in the machine and Keef did BBQ chicken and salad using the provided Webber BBQ, they are so nice and efficient. Then sorted our emails and photos. There were noisy parakeets at dusk. Thought we should go to Palm beach and Pittwater tomorrow.

Audio Diary
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