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AUSTRALIA, Vaucluse area of Sydney, New South Wales,
6-8 Mar 2013

Australia Aerial View

Arriving in Sydney, Staying with Family, Vaucluse area exploration

Australia, Arriving Sydney from Nz 6-8 mar 2013, arrive from Auckland into Sydney, Family collected us, covering amongst others 110 selective slideshow images, expensive Kiwi speeding fine from Ahipara oh dear!, watson’s bay, Doyles on the beach, fish and chips, posh restaurant, kookaburra, riley, hannah and david-such hospitality, vaucluse and Vaucluse House, gap bluff & jacobs ladder lookout, banksias, bottlebrush, harbour ferry, darling harbour, diamond bay, south shore road, signal hill reserve, dog walking, lorikeets, Sydney opera house UNESCO World Heritage site, Jorn Utzon, shark bay beach, parsley bay, sydney harbour bridge, nielsen’s reserve NSW national park, lots of walking in the sun, ice cream, boardwalks, clarke reserve, south head signal station, fishermans wharf, manly crossing, Robertson's park, circular quay, garden island, cruise liner, queen mary 2, water taxi, ferries, campbell parade, bondi beach, water dragons, shark beach, jet cat from Watson's Bay. We were previously in this area in 1995, 2007 and then again in 2017.

bliss, Watsons bay view, Sydney Harbour, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
the sydney opera house (SOH), wonder of the world, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
6 mar 13
7 mar 13
8 mar 13

Wednesday March 6th 2013

Summary, Flew into Sydney from Auckland, New Zealand. NZ is 2 hours ahead of Australia.

Got up at 5 a.m. Kiwi time and got motel shuttle bus to Auckland airport. Our flight to Sydney left at 8.45 a.m. 10 minutes late but not bad, the usual airport runway congestion. We flew with QUANTAS, it was a good flight as nice views as we flew into Botany Bay. We arrived 9.30 a.m. Australian time, the flight time was 2 ¾ hours, it should have been 3 ½ hours but the tailwind sped our journey in the skies.

We waited at the airport for Hannah & David to pick us up at lunchtime as they were both at work. No real hassle to us, we read our books and chatted about the fab time we had just had in Kiwi land.

When we met up they drove us back to their apartment in Vaucluse in their car which was very kind of them. They have a lovely flat and Riley their schnauzer doggie is gorgeous. He is a quiet dog, laid back but friendly with silky ears and brown eyes. Hannah and David returned to work, and we unpacked and took Riley out for a short walk. It was very hot and sunny, and he only wanted to stay in the shade, so we brought him back and walked to Coles and got some wine for the BBQ tonight.

We had showers and got changed ready for the BBQ Laura Langthorne came over to join us, H, D & L were friends having met on various travels earlier on the way out to Australia. A huge coincidence for us. But a lovely one.

A very nice evening and lovely to see family and friends again. We went to bed at 11 p.m. very tired understandable.

Thursday March 7th 2013

Summary, Sydney 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Up at 8 a.m. Annie did some handwashing, Keef checked emails etc. We were notified by the Kiwi motorhome company that we had got a NZ speeding fine for NZ$120 and the company added on a further $35 admin charge, not good news. Later found out it was for driving too fast past a school area in Ahipara, bad boy Keef, think it was when we parked up to relook at 90-mile beach.

We had breakfast then walked along the coastal path to Watson’s Bay. Hot day and very blue skies. It was a nice walk and we saw the lovely homes in Vaucluse and Watson’s Bay. We had cobs (bread rolls) for lunch near Doyle’s restaurant at Watson’s Bay.

We bought tickets for the jet cat ferry to Circular Quay $5 each. It was a long wait as they closed for lunch for one hour, we hadn’t realised this when we purchased the tickets.

When we finally got going it was bliss, such lovely views in the harbour. The Queen Mary two cruise ship was moored at Circular Quay. Sydney centre was very busy. There was the same Aboriginal family as we saw in 2008 at Circular Quay playing didgeridoo etc. We had a chocolate milkshake as it was very hot. We called in at the tourist information centre to get a city centre map and sort out various bus routes.

We got the bus back to Vaucluse before the main commuters had left work, a very wise move as Sydney is a very busy place and more specially so during rush hour.

We had bath / shower and Hannah & David returned from work around 7 p.m. David cooked home made pasta which was lovely and very tasty. We all did a Skype with Brian & Gina around 9.30 p.m. They had enjoyed their remaining holiday in Borneo. Nice to see and talk to them again.

Friday March 8th 2013

Summary, Sydney

David very kindly lent us his car and we drove to Vaucluse house in Vaucluse, the Sydney suburb they live in. This was an early settler’s house owned by William C Wentworth, his wife and 10 children. He was an explorer in the Blue Mountains as well as a lawyer and businessman in the colony.

We had a guided tour around the house which was very interesting. We then drove to Parsley Bay which has a netted beach to protect against shark attack and had lunch there. We paddled for a bit in the bay to cool off then drove onto Shark Bay which has a much better beach with great sand and was also netted. We sawm in that netted area so we can say we have both swam in Sydney harbour and very cooling it was too. A very hot day once again.

It was lovely to see the yachts and ferries in the harbour. We then returned to Vaucluse and did some shopping at Coles to cook Hannah & David a meal. They got home at 6.30 p.m. Keef cooked lamb, kumara chips and sweetcorn (a true kiwi dinner for Aussies ha-ha). Anne did strawberries, cream and melon slices for pudding.  

We watched the Hunger games movie on TV, David has a huge Plex library. It was good.

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