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AUSTRALIA, Perth, Western Australia, 5-6 Apr 2013


Geraldton to Perth then Singapore, via Port Denison & Burns Beach

Australia, Geraldton to Perth to Singapore, 5-6 april 2013, burns beach & perth centre including the fab elizabeth quay & swan bells, covering amongst others 78 selective slideshow images, geraldton's sand dunes, The Aussie Shop Geraldton, 3810 miles in motorhome in Australia, victoria house, rubic’s cube changing rooms, wreck of the Batavia, Viking longship replica, marina, beach, HMAS Sydney 2 naval memorial, old station, foreshore street, museums, Victoria hospital, tourist info, penal prison, town hall, court house, memorial gardens, hibiscus, marina, harbour, surf rescue, Brand Highway 1,  greenough's leaning gum tree, brand highway, banksias, sunsets, dongera, port denison, lobster, beach side lunch, city of joondalup, board walk, marmion marine park, trigg island, burns rock, early morning joggers, wanneroo, wattle grove motel welshpool, forest fields shopping mall, leaving oz for family and Singapore, meeting up with the newly weds. We drove 3810 miles in our hired Britz motorhome from Adelaide to Perth across the Nullarbor. We were previously in this area in 1995, 2007 and then again in 2017.

annie rubics cubes changing rooms Geraldton, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
panorama - close up on the greenough leaning gum, Western Australia, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
keef at sunset, burns beach, above Perth, Western Australia, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
5 apr 13
6 apr 13

Friday April 5th 2013

Summary, Geraldton to Burns Beach, Joondalup. 35 degrees centigrade today.

Drove into the city from the Geraldton Big 4 campsite. Bought some gifts for the family at the Aussie shop. There is a small compact shopping centre based around a long main street. They also had a Myers department store. Then we parked the motorhome near the boat harbour and walked along the boat moorings, ogling the posh yachts enviously.

Very clear waters in which we saw lots of small fish as we ambled along the jetty in the heat. We saw a longboat replica made in 2002 in the harbour named the Batavia, it was based upon the 1641 Dutch East Indies ship that was wrecked 40 nautical miles west of Geraldton, some of the crew sailed in a longboat to Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia) and all survived including 2 women and a baby. The rest of the crew on the island were massacred by a senior officer and his assistants.

Then we saw the old courthouse, the old hospital based around Victoria House which was now Geraldton’s tourist information centre. The HMAS Sydney 2 war memorial, it was an Australian World War two naval war ship that was sunk in battle and 649 Aussies died on board, a huge loss and reverently remembered in the memorial grounds, a lovely tribute.  

We both liked Geraldton, beautiful trees with flowers, bougainvillea everywhere, it felt very Mediterranean.

We then drove south on the Brand highway, and did a slight detour / deviation at Dongara which had some historical pioneer homes and Port Denison, where we had lunch overlooking the sandy beach, bay and harbour. It is the lobster fishing capital allegedly of Australia and there were lots of processing factories on the harbour side.

Again, beautiful turquoise water and blue skies, ideal for a lunch break, and we were cooled by the nice sea breeze.

We camped at Burns beach in one of Perth’s many offshoot “cities” this being to the north, the City of Joondalup. The site was 2 star and cost $40. It was our most expensive campsite in Australia and easily the worst for quality. In Annie’s words crap, cramped, poor facilities and hugely overpriced. We went for a walk along the embankment and saw the beach and the rocks just offshore.

Burns beach campsite was 30 kilometers north of Perth as have to hand in the motorhome tomorrow.

Saturday April 6th 2013

Summary, Burns Beach, Joondalup to Perth, Western Australia, and hand in the motorhome by 2.30 p.m. Today’s temperature a little cooler at 29 degrees centigrade.   

We were woken up early by women talking and whistles blowing, about 25 women and 1 man doing keep fit exercises on a grassy area just by our motorhome on the other side of a low fence. This was 6.45 a.m. Outrageous!

The path along the coastline was packed with joggers, cyclists, speed walkers, dog walkers, roller skaters and the world and his wife and all at 7.15 a.m., we thought it was busier than Bondi beach, ha-ha.

Keef did dump station, dunny man duties after breakfast and Annie cleaned the van by sweeping the floors, cleaning sinks and loos. We got ready to hand the van back, despite the cracked wheel rim, tyre episode it had been a great way of seeing more of the wonderful country that Australia is.

We then set off on the Brand Highway again to Perth area. We got to our motel, the wattle grove in welshpool having had to drive through Perth city centre as one of the highways was closed. It is only 6.9 kilometers from Perth airport which is why we chose it. We saw the main hospital and arena entertainments centre on route. It all looked very modern.

The motel would not let us into our pre booked and pre-paid room until 2pm, we had been told 12 noon by email last October when we booked online so a little disappointed as we had a deadline on motorhome drop off by 2.30 p.m. so this would be cutting it fine. We went to the Forest Fields shopping mall nearby and bought some batteries for the computer mouse and more suntan lotion. Then we packed out bags in the van, has a KFC lunch, then got to the motel again at 1.45 p.m. They let us into the room, finally, we dumped our bags quickly and drove to the Britz motorhome rental place near the airport. Got there just in time for 2.30 p.m. The van was OK, no damage but we rightly moaned about the cracked wheel rim and got one day’s rental reimbursed, $109. We then got a taxi back to the motel and had a nice cooling swim in their pool. We had showers and a microwaved pasta meal for dinner that we had bought in the shopping mall earlier. We then watched TV in the room. The motel cost $125 a night for the two of us with no breakfast included.

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