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NEW ZEALAND, Back to Auckland, 2 - 5 Mar 2013

Back to Auckland via Papamoa Beach, Karangahake Gorge & More

New Zealand, Back to Auckland 2-5 mar 2013, Tauranga, Papamoa beach 2nd time, Shopping Mall at Papamoa including the Warehouse store, Cambridge - horse breeding area, Hamilton city centre has some 1930s architecture, karangahake, manukau city, Farmer's department store, kiwi hotel, covering amongst others 47 selective slideshow images, kiwi hotel, Auckland, ocean drive, beach road, sunsets, chillin, mainland creamy blue cheese and biscuits washed down with plum wine, sunsets and waves crashing, music on the beach, 2nd visit this time to our fave campsite, kite surfing, wake boarding, mount manganui, beach strolls, waves and warmth from the sun, ice creams, reading, tea breaks, karangahake river, gorge, bridges, info boards, goldmining, suspended walkways, NZ census, talisman mill. We were previously in this area in 2007 and then again in 2017.

the sun is setting on our last day in kiwiland, we will return, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
annie boiled egg and toast , Papamoa, FAB, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
2 mar 13
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5 mar 13

Saturday March 2nd 2013

Summary, Hamilton to Papamoa Beach. 24 degrees centigrade.

Another lovely summers day. Drove through Hamilton city centre to see it, nothing to write home about I’m afraid, just another busy city.

We saw the Waikato River again from the other side. We would class Hamilton as a small town rather than a big city, but we come from the UK. The city centre had 3 main streets with some 1930s architecture.

We then took Highway 1 through to Cambridge, which is a horse breeding area. We then headed for Tauranga on the Pacific coast and back to Papamoa beach again as we liked the lovely long sand beach and waves so much first time. We can now officially call it our fave campsite in the whole world having returned in 2017. Maybe that won’t be the last time. You never know.

We arrived at 12 noon so before check in time for a Top 10 site so we went down the road to Papamoa’s shopping mall. Keef bought a Hawaiian shirt for $8 in the sale in the Warehouse. Then we had a drive around the area, some new houses on estates and saw all the colleges and schools, reminded us of California in look and feel.

However, in our humble opinion Papamoa beach rivals any Californian beach. We eventually checked into the campsite at 1p.m. $45 per night, booked 2 nights as we like it so much, same pitch as last time with a view of the beach and so close to it, we even get an outside shower at the end of the pitch to wash off the sand, what more could you ask for.

Spent the afternoon on the beach listening to music and watching kite surfers. We both went in the sea, there were some pretty big waves, so we didn’t venture far. 

Had a lovely dinner with the last of the plum wine , cheese and biscuits , our fave creamy mainland blue and we sat outside the motorhome at dusk watching the sun set and listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, just perfect, so love Papamoa Beach.

Sunday March 3rd 2013

Summary, Papamoa Beach. 28 degrees centigrade, 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spent a very relaxing day on the beach and the campsite. There were a few clouds first thing in the morning, but they soon moved inland. Then it was blue skies, sea, and sunshine all the way, yippee!

The light sea breeze kept the temperature not too hot. We walked along the beach towards Mount Manganui, which is another supposedly extinct volcano., along the waters edge and foreshore for about an hour.  

Had lunch on our picnic table and then sat on the beach in the afternoon. There were kite surfers, body surfers , a surf lifesaving boat but only a few people on the beach considering it was good weather and a Sunday.

We had changed our pitch site as caravans on either side of us had gone this morning so we could get the pitch right next to the sea. We were now Pitch S9, Beach Street, pole position. Previously we have been in S7 and S8.

pitch s9 Papamoa beach , our fave campsite in all the world, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog

At 6 p.m. after a nice cup of tea Annie did some hand washing, Keef did BBQ chicken, bacon, egg and salad on the campsite gas barbeque up in the kitchens. We noticed it now gets dark at 8.15 p.m., still no lovely sunsets to photo though. The east coast of New Zealand is nicer than the west for beaches, apart from Napier and the Gisborne area.

Monday March 4th 2013

Summary, Papamoa Beach to Manukau City.

We left the campsite at 10 a.m. and drove to the mall at Manukau to look for a T-shirt for Doug. Sadly, we did not find anything at all suitable, so we drove on to the Top 10 site at Manukau City. Good job we had the Sat nav if not we would never have found it. Annie did some final hand washing after a late lunch. Decided we would pack our stuff in the Kiwi motel car park. Anne cleaned the inside of the motorhome. By 7pm the campsite was packed full as it is the nearest one to the Auckland airport.

Tuesday March 5th 2013

Summary, Manukau City to Kiwi Motel Auckland. We had to hand back the motorhome by 2pm to Britz.

We left the campsite at 10 a.m. and went to another shopping mall to look for a T-shirt for Doug. Had a look in Farmer’s a department store in the Westfield shopping centre in Manukau.

We drove to the Kiwi motel at 12 noon but could not check in yet, so we packed up our belongings into our suitcases in the motorhome. We then checked into the motel and dropped our fully packed bags off into our room.

We then drove the van to the motorhome depot to drop it off. The total mileage on the clock was now 250, 370 km. No damage to the van.

We told the employee there about the squeaky brakes and a few other minor problems with the van, no doubt they would take no notice, however Keef managed to get 1 days compensation out of them, $180 was refunded, not bad really.

We returned to the Kiwi motel, had a shower, and ate there in the evening. We had to complete the NZ census forms as visitors and handed them into the motel reception. Very tired went to bed as have to get up early tomorrow for flight to Australia.

250, 370 minus 246,253 kms equals 4,117 kms or 2, 559 miles driven in New Zealand.

Audio Diary
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