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AUSTRALIA, Coffin Bay National Park, South Australia,
24-26 Mar 2013

Noarlunga South Australia

Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Coffin Bay National Park (NP), Dolphins & Elliston

Australia, Port Augusta to Elliston 24-26 mar 2013, port lincoln, coffin bay NP, Sir Isaac Coffin Navy Admiral, elliston, bush tortoise, blue tongued skink, covering amongst others 134 selective slideshow images, coober pedy to port augusta 335 miles, almonta beach and bay, yangie bay, Golden Island, avoid bay, Port Lincoln, birdlife, particularly Osprey, eagles, foxes,  dolphins, marinas, reefs, franklin harbour, golden island, cowell, gums, road trains, left coober at sunrise, long journey, 6 hours back to port augusta, lake eyre, salt lakes, lake gardiner, Stuart explorer highway, arid lands botanic gardens, aussie humour re shark fin, 144 stuart highway,  tracks, spencer gulf, whyalla, port bonython, franklin heritage hotel, mount dutton, iron baron, arno bay, tumby bay, Top Tourist campsites, Our Britz motorhome slow puncture, turned out to be cracked rim, great australian bight, , dolphin pod 40 strong magical, boston bay, south shields, BIG 4 campsites. We were previously in this area in 1995, 2007 and then again in 2017.

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24 mar 13
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26 mar 13

Sunday March 24th 2013

Summary, Coober Pedy back to Port Augusta

Got up at 5.45 a.m. to set off at 7.25 a.m. when it was dawn’s first light to return down the Stuart Highway to Port Augusta, 335 miles in total.

We stopped for rest breaks and lunch on the return journey, and it started to get really hot around 11 a.m. We took photos of many eagles and we saw another fox.

We arrived at Port Augusta at 1.20 a.m. and the total return took us 6 hours travel. We visited the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens on the way back which was just outside Port Augusta. Went to the Tourist Info Centre for leaflets and bought souvenirs, we then returned to the same Big 4 campsite we had stayed at before in Port Augusta, it was a lovely site with fab gum trees all around and a reasonably arid landscape. It cost $36 a night to stay there.

Annie did the clothes washing and then we both went swimming in the campsite pool, it was very cold water at 17 degrees centigrade, so it immediately cooled us down, yippee, needed that.

We then read our e-books (kindles) and relaxed and had obligatory ice-creams, well someone has got to do it, tee hee.

Flies are very persistent anywhere in South Australia apart from big towns. They crawl up your nose, around your eyes etc. ugh!!!

Monday March 25th 2013

Summary, Port Augusta to Port Lincoln

We set off from the campsite at 9.45 a.m. and got diesel. We stopped at Whyalla, a steel and mining town, industrial and if we are honest and not that interesting apart from the steel ship and cuttlefish craig. The town is on the spencer gulf on the right-hand side of the Eyre peninsular. We saw the harbour and lots of washed-up sea grass on the beach, which disappointingly looked messy.

As we left the town, we got stuck behind an oversized vehicle convoy, a huge mining digger (bit like we had seen at the Kalgoorlie Super pit in Western Australia back in 2008). It took up 2 road lanes and was impossible to overtake. Eventually it turned off to Kimba, there were then 2 more travelling in the opposite direction that moved equally slowly, maybe these things should be moved at night.

We saw a huge iron ore mine in the bush a way off the road. This may have been at Iron Baron township.

We stopped at Cowell, Arno Bay and Tumby Bay, all are little fishing harbours and very pleasant and interesting. This coast produces fish and shellfish to provide about 85% of South Australia’s needs. Some oysters are shipped to Melbourne, Victoria.

Late in the afternoon we arrived at Port Lincoln, once again termed as a city but to us just a large town. A coastal port with a long jetty and grain stores for cargo ships.

The town looked busy and very prosperous with lots of shops. We went to the Top Tourist campsite which cost $31.50 for the night. It had lovely views of Boston Bay. Our pitch was level but on concrete, no swimming pool but great showers. Keef used the barbeque on the van, a pull out at the rear that joined up with the gas tank, such a great idea, do wish this was possible on our van at home. He cooked veal escalope, salad and garlic bread, mouth watering and all washed down with affine wine outside.

Whilst eating our meal we watched the many rosellas and lorikeets chattering in the eucalyptus trees. Plus, lovely views of the sea, Boston Bay is 3 times the size of Sydney Harbour which is saying something.

We sorted out our finances online, emails and Keef paid his New Zealand speeding fine online, $120 kiwi money.

Tuesday March 26th 2013

Summary, Port Lincoln to Elliston plus highlight visiting Coffin Bay National Park.

We had boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, lovely views of the sea but very windy this morning. We set off at 10.30 a.m. back into Port Lincoln town, got groceries and a 10-litre container of water from Coles, fuel and Annie posted postcards to friends and family in the post office there.

We then headed off to Coffin Bay National Park which cost $10 fee only to get into the park.  There was 22 kilometers of sealed road along shrub bush and coastline. Fantastic scenery and views, a very hot day again. The sea looked perfectly turquoise, and the sand dunes stretched for miles.

There were supposed to be grey kangaroos, emus and reptiles in the park, but we only saw two dead emus by the roadside. From a lookout point on the cliffs, we saw Golden Island and Almonta beach. Here we saw a pod of dolphins, about 50 of them in the bay from the cliffs. Just magnificent. They were having great fun chirping and playing in the gentle waves and brilliant blue sunshine.

We also visited Yangie Bay by road, but it was a bit sandy and muddy on the road, so we didn’t stay long. We were very impressed by the National Park, a real highlight. We then left the park and travelled to the town of Coffin Bay, named after Isaac Coffin a sailor in the Royal Navy who eventually became a British Admiral of the Navy. We had a snack lunch there sitting outside a general store. It was very hot and windy.

We then drove to Elliston along the highway which was deserted for long distances on it. It was mostly farming area but as usual the grass was dried up because of the lack of rain. We saw a bush tortoise by the edge of the road and a blue tongued skink slowly crossing the road on its very short legs. Keef straddled him luckily. We arrived at the Elliston Caravan Park at about 5 p.m. and immediately after setting up, electrics etc., went in the campsite swimming pool, cold water but wonderful after such a hot day. We both had showers and Keef again used the van attached BBQ to cook chicken parmigiana. The campsite was mainly Aussie campers and fishermen in caravans rather than motorhomes. There were so many mosquitos that we ate in the van.   

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