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AUSTRALIA, Bruny Island, Tasmania & Fight to South Australia, 18-20 Mar 2013

Bruny Island, Family in Tassie then Off to South Australia via Melbourne

Australia, Bruny Island to Adelaide shores 18-20 mar 2013 , bruny island, cygnet, family, hobart, covering amongst others 51 selective slideshow images, berry ices, coal bay, lookout, skink, alonnah hotel, coal point, the neck, truganini lookout, fairy penguins, adventure bay, home hill winery & restaurant, eating wallaby, huon river, kettering, car ferry is a 15 minute journey, roberts point, the red velvet lounge, b66 road thru bruny island, revisit from 2008, lunawanna, great bay, simpsons bay, lennon road, fish and chips, captain cook 1776, the endeavour, penguin rookery, views to die for, halloumi cheese and sweet chill dip for the first time, a lifelong favourite now, left tassie for adelaide via Melbourne (rang mum), picked up britz campervan, Adelaide shores campsite, south australia . We were previously in this area in 1995, 2007 and then again in 2017.

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stayed in one of these chalets in 2017, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
18 mar 13
19 mar 13
20 mar 13

The car ferry from Kettering on Tassie to Robert's Point on Bruny Island takes about 15 minutes, below is travel times by car between places on Bruny Island, we have been to all of them, if not on this trip back in 2007-8 on our gap year when we spent 2+ weeks in Tasmania, we absolutely love Bruny Island.

getting around bruny island, Tasmania, by car, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
Car Ferry

Monday March 18th 2013

Summary, Ranelagh, Tasmania.

Didn’t do much in the morning, sat on the decking whilst Diana was emailing her son about the trip to the USA and UK.

We all went out to a local vineyard for lunch, we treated John & Diana at the Home Hill winery. A had a pork chop and K had wallaby on a pumpkin tart with spinach, a lovely and classy meal very well prepared. K talked to the chef to find out how the wallaby was so succulent and tender, he explained it was cooked in a water bath at a controlled temperature inside a bag for a very long period, real specialist cooking techniques.

We then drove to Cygnet and had tea in a café called the Red Velvet Lounge. The weather was unfortunately drizzly, so we returned to the house and watched telly and had cheese and biscuits.

Tuesday March 19th 2013

Summary, Bruny Island visit, Tasmania

Got up early and had a cooked breakfast. We drove to Kettering to get the car ferry across to Bruny Island.  It took 15 minutes on the ferry, John paid $20 return for the car and all of us, great value.

We drove around the island seeing many lovely places but about 11.40 a.m. Diana wanted to sort out where we were going to have lunch as there are only a few places to choose from and she has a gluten allergy so would need to talk to them on arrival, rightly to ensure all ok.

After a lot of driving, we found a pub that did fish and chips, it was indeed the place we had first called in at.

Sunny weather all the way and Bruny island is so lovely. We visited Adventure Bay and spent some time walking along the beach. This is where Captain James Cook (our hero) had landed in 1776 searching for fresh water for the Endeavour and her crew. 2 eucalyptus trees were still there on the beach, a sketch from an officer on the Endeavour had showed them , they are now some 250+ years old.

We had an ice cream at the Berry Farm opposite Adventure Bay, Diana had berry cheesecake.

We then drove back towards the ferry at Robert’s point and called in at a Penguin Rookery at the Neck and climbed the steps to the top to get the wonderful views. The lookout is called Truganini on the Neck Reserve.

Here is some info on the wonderful place. “Bruny Island Neck is an isthmus of land connecting north and south Bruny Island in southern Tasmania and offers stunning 360-degree views. Just 40 kilometres from Hobart, Bruny is Tasmania's fourth largest island.
The Neck is an important habitat for Bruny Island's native wildlife. Boardwalks and viewing platforms let you observe short-tailed shearwaters and little penguins (also known as fairy penguins).
You'll see these remarkable birds returning to their burrows in the sand dunes at dusk - little penguins making their way up the beach in tight groups and the shearwaters gliding in from the sea. The best viewing period is during the warmer months of September to February.”

Keef took loads of photos. Sadly the penguins only come ashore at dusk but we did see lots of their burrows. We got the 5.30 p.m. ferry back to Kettering and returned to John & Diana’s house. We did our packing . Had halloumi cheese with sweet chili dip for dinner (fantastic we have it still to this day, but it was our first experience). After dinner we watched Telly.

Wednesday March 20th 2013

Summary, Hobart, Tasmania to Adelaide, South Australia via Melbourne, Victoria

Got up at 5.30 a.m. and set off at 6.30 a.m. for Hobart with John & Diana in their car. It got light at 6.45 a.m. and the roads were very quiet.

We arrived at the airport far too early so had coffee with John & Diana. Keef had the usual security check for explosives, it was now his turn to look dodgy.

The Quantas plane left at 9 a.m. for Melbourne. We were in the transit lounge for 2 hours at Melbourne waiting for our onward flight to Adelaide. We had snacks and coffee and then got the Quantas flight to Adelaide. When we arrived, we got a taxi to the motorhome rental place which was near the airport on Sir Donald Bradman Way.

It took a while to get everything sorted, there was no safe and no smoke alarm in the van so we complained, but on the plus side the van did have air conditioning and a TV, plus sleeping bags and sheets rather than duvets.

Finally checked out with our new home on wheels at 3 p.m. and drove to the Adelaide shores BIG 4 campsite on the suburbs by the beach. It cost $36 per night, and we finally got on our pitch at about 4 p.m. We unpacked everything inside the motorhome and went to the Woolworths shopping centre for food supplies. On return we went for a walk on the beach, which is right next to the campsite, its nice, we came back there in 2017 and stayed in one of the chalets.

Adelaide Shores has huge sand dunes and soft sand. Calm seas and lots of yachts. Watching the setting sun was so relaxing. We had pasta salad and the air con worked really well inside the Britz van and was most welcome. The campsite is very modern and spacious, great for tourists with pools and good facilities. A big tick!

The campervan milage on pickup was 146,816 kilometers.

Audio Diary
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