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SINGAPORE, Jurong and Gardens by the Bay,15-17 April 2013

Green Indoors

Post Malacca, Gardens by the Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Geylang Swimming

Singapore 15-17 Apr 2013, Gardens by the Bay, Jurong Bird Park (by 2022 part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve or as we used to call it "singapore zoo"), covering amongst others 172 selective slideshow images, marina bay & jurong east MRT stations, South African gardens, baobab & bottle trees, Flowers , trees and perfumes from World climate zones, The Cloud Rainforest, easter eggs, pollen café, marina bay sands hotel, Buddhist monks, Singapore flyer, Art & Science Museum, Geylang swimming pool, supermarket fun, multiple tropical flowers, Jurong, pool amphitheater, hornbills, toucans, Lorikeet loft & walkway, waterfalls, cloud forest with mist and ferns, trams, model railways, sunsets, Singapore at night, funnels at night, boardwalk

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Jurong bird park map, Singapore, created by KeefH Web Designs for this travel blog
15 apr 13
16 apr 13
17 apr 13

Monday April 15th 2013

Summary, Geylang.

Phoenix went to work but Doug was off sick as he also had food poisoning and was ill during the night after our weekend away in Melaka.

Annie did more laundry; in this humidity it is endless, indeed eventually (bit like Darwin in Australia) jour clothing just disintegrates. In the morning we stayed with Doug who looked poorly having been sick all night. He rang his work to tell them he was ill and would not be coming in today.

Keef caught up with emails and backed up all our holiday photos for safe keeping. Would hate to lose them. Doug had a nap but still felt ill so went to the doctors for a sick note. Annie did laundry / ironing again.

2.30 p.m. we went to the Geylang pool for a swim, becoming regulars these days, know a few of the lifeguards. Doug rang at 4 p.m. to ask us to buy some eggs and bottled water from the supermarket on the way back.

We met P at the supermarket as she had left work early to look after Doug. He had been sick again in the afternoon and when we got back to the flat with Phoenix he was stretched out on the sofa in the lounge. We think, like P, the food poisoning was either from the street kebabs and / or the shellfish in Melaka, but honestly who knows. Neither K nor A were ill, and we didn’t eat either of those two options.

We had jacket potatoes, grapes and nuts for tea and D&P had steamed fish, rice and greens. He perked up a bit after that and looked much better. He said his body ached from being sick so often, understandably stretching your stomach muscles.

We watched telly together, a Korean channel with a game show and then a programme like Dr Who but set in ancient Korea, very different but educational. Then we had showers, a great way to cool at the end of the day and then bed.

Tuesday April 16th 2013

Summary, Geylang, Singapore, Gardens by the Bay

Laundry and ironing initially for Annie, Keef made cheese cobs and we took apples for lunch. As Doug was recovered and they were both back at work today we took the MRT train from Aljunied station to Gardens by the Bay as Doug had kindly bought us tickets and a river cruise as our Xmas presents.

We got a free shuttle car from the MRT station to the Ticket Office, how cool is that? We had our lunch sitting on a lovely long wooden tree bench under fans at the entrance. Most relaxing and enjoyable.

We then went into one of the two huge glass domes that are Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. The flower gardens inside were laid out in different climate zones with trees and flowers from the countries in those parts of the world. Lovely flowers, loved the hibiscus trees in large pots , baobab trees, colourful Mediterranean flowers etc. Just so much to look at and admire, puts our limited gardening skills to shame, tee-hee but I guess we have less of a budget.

They did not have any frangipani trees surprisingly. We loved the flowers and perfumes coming from every section.

We then had coffee in the Pollen café, appropriately named, somewhat expensive in there but very nice and classy.

We met a woman from Adelaide who now lives in Singapore and had done for 15 years. Quite interesting, the average salary was $1,500 per month but many people were on less around $800 per month so she said.

Then we went into the second glass dome which was plants in rainforests and called the cloud forest. It had a fantastic indoor waterfall and lots of water and mist everywhere, orchids, bromeliads, quinine trees, mosses, ferns, busy lizzies etc. all very exotic.

We got the lift to the top of the Cloud Forest and walked along the gantries suspended out of the central garden pillar to the ground floor, the walkways afforded such a close-up view and atmospheric experience. So worth going, will remember the experience forever.   

The whole thing looked like the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Back on the ground level we then watched on the big screen a video about climate change effecting the world habitat in the future. This was 2013, by 2022 COP 26 was finally doing something about it, do hope we as a world aren’t too late.

We then visited the Marina Bay Sands hotel, a definite Singaporean icon. From the foyer of the hotel as it was now dark, we walked through to the Marina Bay mall for dinner in a pizza restaurant, it was very expensive but yummy. There are lots of designer shops in the mall, we watched a laser light show at 9.30 p.m. just outside by the Art & Science Museum on the bay.  It lasted about 10 minutes and projected laser light streams onto MBS, very atmospheric.

We then got the MRT back to Aljunied station and the flat and chatted to D&P about our day and how much we had enjoyed it. Doug had been to an Amazon works seminar all day.

Wednesday April 17th 2013

Summary, Geylang, Singapore, Jurong Bird Park

Annie did ironing and laundry 8.40-11.20 a.m. after a huge tropical storm had hit at 6.50 a.m. Thunder, lightning and sheet rain coming in onto the floor even though the flat is on the 10th floor. Doug had to shut all the windows to keep it out which increased the humidity inside 10-fold, however once it stopped and the windows were reopened, we really felt the benefit as it reduced the humidity and temperature dramatically, however as ever in Singapore that benefit didn’t last long, we are on the equator.

We then went to Jurong Bird Park using the MRT to Jurong East station. We had to get a bus for a short trip from the train station to the bird park entrance. Arriving at 2.30 p.m. The weather was now full hot and humid again. We saw penguins, flamingoes, parrots, scarlet ibis, and lots of other tropical birds.

We used the parks road train to get around the various sectors. We sat and watched one of the shows which featured a giant hornbill called Alfred, he was a massive bird but well trained. The show also featured a talking and singing cockatoo, parrots flying around the auditorium and flamingoes and pelicans, all very entertaining as well as colourful. We really enjoyed the show.

The park closed at 6 p.m. so we left then and got a combination of the bus followed by the train back to the city centre. We then took the train to Clarke Quay so we could redo the river boat cruise but this time at night, which was very atmospheric. This was another part of our Christmas present from D&P.

After a relaxing cruise and seeing all the lights we returned to the flat late evening, a lovely day.

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